6 Aug 2009

Best Shaolin Kungfu Performance in China

Posted by yunnangirl

I used to think that watching a show surrounded by hundreds of western tourists is not my thing at all. I am Chinese so I know China already, why would I even want to watch the same show with tourists?

Well, glad I put away that silly bias of mine, and enjoyed a great show tonight. My 6 year old boy is a die-hard fan of Kungfu Panda. So being a good mother, I took him to the Shaolin Kungfu Show at the Red Theatre.

The show’s choreography, stage production, sound production are all of international quality. The performers’ Kungfu are at par with the real kungfu show at the Shaolin Temple itself. For any of Kungfu Panda’s young fans, this is a must see in Beijing. Here are a few logistical details:

The show is on at the Red Theatre daily at 7:30pm. You can buy tickets at the door or online. If you are a WildChina client, this show is recommended to families traveling with children. But, I would even suggest adding this to anyone who’s coming to China for the first time.

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